Welcome to Stone Field Farm

We are Bryan and Courtney and Beatrix Tyson, homesteaders of the property!
We bought the property and began the process of turning this fallow parcel into a real working farm in June of 2018. We are an independent family farm, and our mission is to create and manage a small farm working hand in hand with nature to produce healthy, sustainable farm products from animals with a high quality of life.
Stone Field Farm raises registered pure bred Icelandic sheep, Heritage crossed pork from Mangalitsa and Berkshire lines, Muscovy and Pekin Ducks, and layer hens from our beautiful farm in Quaker Hill, Connecticut.
We offer Icelandic sheep for sale in Connecticut to small and large breeders. We offer healthy, delicious meat products, eggs, and look forward to offering gorgeous Icelandic pelts and fiber products after our first shearing!
We have carefully selected the animals we raise on our farm both for the work they can help us perform through the land use optimization of rotational grazing and silvo-pasturing, as well as their suitability for the climate and geography of Connecticut, and their ability to thrive in a pasture environment with minimal diet supplementation, our sheep have no grain supplements, and our chickens and pigs get rationed non-gmo locally grown grain mixes which include peanuts, soybeans and corn. We take great pride in our heritage and primitive livestock and our free range poultry.